Alimus (Al) AErexigridraenen was from an honored line among the dwarven armorsmiths known for their intense focus and ability to withstand greater temperatures than most dwarves, allowing them to be renowned for their abilities with Mithril. Being the third son in the line, it was customary to join the military instead of training in the family tradition. During this training, one of the instructors had noticed the uncanny reflexes and focus in a dwarf. He brought Al to the attention of the intelligence commander, Gallagher Ironbeard.

Removed from the normal training, Gallagher did experimental training with Al to teach him stealth and avoidance. It was during this training, that people noticed some odd things happening around Al. Not much notice was given to this until he nearly killed another trainee with claws that unexpectedly formed in his hands. A renowned wizard by the name of Eldar was currently working with the dwarves on a black dragon problem they were having, so Gallagher sought out his advice. After brief inspection, Eldar deduced that Alimus was descended from the Greater Wyrm Red Dragon, AErexigridraenen, and was developing sorcerous powers.

Alimus trained himself in both sorcery and battle over the next few decades, growing closer with his inner core and his inner dragon. Often he would be part of mercenary adventuring groups that Eldar would hire to get “trivial” things done. After surviving many of those missions, he finally placed high enough in Eldar’s esteem to be a part of his elite group. I mean, even an old guy as old as him has to be impressed with a dragon in his circle. Well, that’s what I keep telling myself……..


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