A tall man, average of build, with dark eyes and dark hair, and a jet-black blade at his hip.


The man stood.
“It’s not here,” he grumbled.
“Then the old fool was lying. He will have to be dealt with,” said the man’s companion.
“He will be,” the man replied, looking down at the body at his feet. A mixed expression of fear and confusion sat frozen on the young man’s face. Another life, another dead end.
“Another dead end,” sighed his companion, echoing his thoughts.
Marthurin smirked, then looked up. Something was watching him, just outside the light from the fire, but he couldn’t see it.
“A Vampire. He’ll warn his coven if he escapes.”
“It wouldn’t matter if he did,” shrugged Marthurin. “In fact, it would only liven up the journey home.”
Marthurin set about treating the body, then buried it. The boy had not deserved his death, and did not deserve undeath.
A small kindness, he thought.
“It’s more than most would do,” comforted his companion.

Marthurin set off at an easy pace, deep in thought. The wizard had lied, but why? After so many years of honest council, why the sudden betrayal? It was the wizard that first helped him decipher the prophecy, the wizard that had helped him unlock the powers that had been buried deep in Marturin’s soul. And now, when he seemed so near the end of it all, the trail had gone cold. But why? Marthurin railed against the darkness.
“They’re coming.”
Just as his companion uttered the warning, shadows began darting around him. A small clearing was just ahead of him.
There, he thought, that would do nicely.
“Good thinking,” whispered his companion, “of course, this all could have been avoided…”
“Quiet,” said Marthurin, coming to the clearing, “I know what I’m doing.”
“And what is that?” cackled a woman, stepping from behind a tree opposite him. “Because it seems you are a long way from home. Are you lost? Come with me, I will help you.”
She beckoned to Marthurin. She was tall and thin, with silver hair and dark eyes. Her pale skin stood out against the darkness, like freshly fallen snow.
“You know,” said Marthurin’s companion, “this was a good idea. She looks like she would be good for a quick tumble. If you don’t make a move, I will.”
Marthurin laughed.
“And what is so funny, precious?” asked the vampire. “I don’t think you appreciate just how grave your situation is.”
“Oh, I understand my situation,” replied Marthurin, “I was just laughing at what my friend said. He wants to bed you, apparently you’re quite his type.”
“What is this?” hissed the vampire, “You’re all alone. All alone and where you shouldn’t have been. I was going to make you my pet, but now I think you’ll just feed my children.”
More shapes began appearing from the trees. Hungry eyes stared at Marthurin from all around him.
“It’s too bad your friend isn’t here,” mocked the vampire queen. “How my children are so very hungry.”
“Oh, but you’re mistaken, m’lady.” Marthurin stepped forward. “He’s right here.”
Marthurin drew his sword, fire leaping from his eyes. And then, he saw that face again. The face he had seen so many times before. Now it was the face of the vampire queen as she realized her mistake. The face of fear and confusion.

Marthurin is a 20th level Bladebound Magus. Most of his adult life has been spent uncovering a prophesy foretelling his rise in power. Much of that has revolved around unlocking the mysteries regarding his ancestral sword, Durandal. Originally belonging to the powerful Magus, Thurin, it was passed down through generations, and although many men wielded it, none unlocked it’s power until Marthurin came of age and inherited it. It is believed that Marthurin is Thurin reborn, and the prophesy predicted Marthurin will surpass even the powers of his ancestor.

Above all, it is fulfilling the prophesy and increasing his strength that drives Marthurin. He has fought in many battles, for many kings, but only ever to serve his own ends. Cunning and well educated, Marthurin identifies the importance of knowledge as well as physical ability, and trains both tirelessly. In his early 30s, he is still young enough to be spry, but has seen much of the world, good and bad. He is generally kind to the unfortunate, and dislikes wanton destruction, but does not get wrapped up in philosophical debates of right and wrong. He thinks any action can be good or evil, depending on one’s scope of view.



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